What a Couple Can Do to Feel Sexy Together

Yay for the weekend! If you weekends mean anything to you. I know that since I work from home, it can make weekends not quite as exciting as they used to be.

Either way, Austin and I try to spend extra time on one another since work schedules are often lighter.

This week on Persicope, I’ve been on a body image kick. I was asked to talk more about feeling insecure about the way you look and how to feel better about your body.

I think that it is so important that as a couple, you work to help the other person feel sexy. We all want to be sexy for our spouse.

I put together some ideas that will help you to feel sexy with your spouse. What better way to grow in confidence about your looks than to engage in intimacy with the one that loves you the most?

What a Couple Can Do To Feel Sexy Together


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