Exercises For Women That Make Sex Easier

A few months ago, I made some major health changes. In addition to a diet change, I also started working on strength training.

I’ve had some positive effects from the exercises I’ve been doing. Aside from general increase of stamina, I’ve noticed it has helped a lot when it comes to sex.

Here are a few of the exercises that I have been doing that have targeted the muscles used for orgasm. You can watch those exercises in the video I created the other day.

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  1. That’s awesome great video 🙂 I’ve found that ever since I started doing core exercised (crunches, etc.) I’ve been able to cum a lot more

  2. Hello Keelie, I liked your blog. These exercises are also important to know to stay fit and healthy. You have shared such an awesome tips which rarely know by everyone. I will try these tips. We will get positive effects surely. Thanks for sharing some new exercises.

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