9 Top Sex Toys For Valentine’s Day

I had a great chat with the owner over at Married Dance earlier today. He shared with me the top selling sex toys for Valentine’s Day this year. Here’s a list of what people are buying.

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1. Big O Vibrating Ring

This toy had a dual purpose. The ring part goes on the husband’s penis. It allows him to have a harder erection. The vibrator part can go up against the wife’s clitoris to help her orgasm. It can also be spun around the other way as a massager for the husband’s testicles.

2. BNaughty Classic Unleashed Bullet Vibe

Here is a great vibrator for women. It can either be inserted into the vagina or held onto the clitoris. With its remote control feature, it allows either person to be in charge of the vibrations. The wife can hold the remote and turn it up or down as needed while her husband uses it to stimulate her.

3. You & Me – A Game of Love & Intimacy Adult Board Game

This is a bedroom game for couples. The game allows you to collect foreplay and sex position cards to help you build a fun intimate experience. Both husband and wife are competing to see who can get to 30 points first. Whoever reaches those points first gets to have the sexual favor of their choice completed by their spouse. Then the other spouse gets their turn.

4. Magic Wand Original

Originally, the magic wand was designed as a sore muscle massager. However, it turns out that the powerful wand makes for an amazing vibrator. There are attachments you can purchase if you want to use the vibrator inside of the vagina. It is designed for clitoral stimulation without the attachments.

5. We-Vibe Sync Couple’s Vibrator

The We-Vibe sync is designed to be inserted inside of the wife’s vagina. Then it is positioned onto her clitoris for maximum stimulation. The husband’s penis will be up against the vibrator on the inside of the vagina. It can help to stimulate him as well. It is best to use lubrication with any sex toy, but this one in particular.

6. Magnifique Breast or Waist Jewelry

I realize this is not a sex toy, but it is a super sexy piece of body jewelry for a wife to wear. I think body jewelry is the perfect alternative to lingerie. If you struggle to get lingerie to fit you, then a body chain can be super sexy.

7. Liberator Heart Wedge Sex Pillow

The liberator wedge is designed to be used during sex. There are different sex positions that work well with this pillow. It is a great way to lift your hips for oral sex and missionary position. It can also be good for rear-entry positions as well.

8. Nipple Play Silicone Advanced Nipple Suckers

Nipple suckers go on the wife’s nipples or the husband’s nipples and allow for greater stimulation to the area. This can be a great foreplay idea to get you both in the mood.

9. Super Super Stud Stroker

The super super stud stroker is designed to masturbate the husband. The wife can use this as a way to add excitement to a hand job. It can also be good as a foreplay move to get a husband excited.

These are the top selling sex toys over at Married Dance this Valentine’s Day season. If you ever have questions about the toys, be sure to send a message to the owner. They will answer all of your questions with privacy.


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  1. #6 was /is a pleasant surprise love accessories .. great ideas to get the mood rolling

  2. Wedge pillows are sooooo versatile, we can’t recommend them highly enough. Ours aren’t heart-shaped, but they do have rings for attaching cuffs!

    And the best thing about remote-controlled vibrators is using them in public. This is like 10/10 hotness.

    (Your blog is rejecting comments with a link in them, oh well! Not trying to spam ya.)
    El Fury recently posted…Role-Playing: Professor and StudentMy Profile

    • Keelie Reason | March 10, 2017 at 4:49 pm | Reply

      that’s weird it is rejecting the comment luv.

      So, you attach cuffs to a pillow? I don’t understand. So it is supposed to be in place of a headboard or something?

      • Yes, the pillows have rings on them, and you can hook the cuffs to the rings. Depending on how you place the pillow, this can position the arms more comfortably than straight overhead.

        It’s not letting me put links back to my blog in the comment field. That’s cool if that’s how you prefer it. (You probably have your spam filter set to reject comments with one or more links in them.)
        El Fury recently posted…Role-Playing: Professor and StudentMy Profile

        • Keelie Reason | March 14, 2017 at 9:29 pm | Reply

          honeslty, I don’t know how to make the thing work for your comments. Sorry! If there are filters, must be automatic and I’m not technically inclined enough to figure that out. Lol. Just put your links in the comment that you leave. But on my end, I am seeing your comment, so hopefully it is pulling it for you.

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