My Favorite Sexy Bedroom Game For Married Couples

Before I became a blogger, Austin and I created this sexy bedroom game to play. We actually made it for someone else to enjoy, but decided we would use ourselves, also. It turned out to be a huge benefit for us as a married couple. Not only that, it has helped us to be creative in developing other couples bedroom games.

How Sexy Bedroom Games Help Your Sex Life

What I have found with these types of games, it that it can help me be more confident in the bedroom. Since the foreplay moves are so specific, it helps me to know what to do each step of the way. I don’t have to try and get creative on the spot, I just do the next thing on the card.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that it helps me to have inspiration to draw from at other times. Even when I’m not playing the bedroom game, I can use some of the foreplay ideas to be spontaneous during other times of sex. It has really helped me to grow in my confidence in that area.

I hope that it will do the same thing for you.

Here’s a little more information about it in the Facebook video I did today.

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I also wrote a full blog post about it that you can check out. There are full instructions of how to play it.

It’s Getting Hot In Here


2 Things You Can Do Tonight to Spice Up Your Sex Life

It is so important to invest in your sex life with your spouse. Every now and then, you can do new things that will keep things spicy in the bedroom.

Today, I want to share two things you can try tonight that will spice things up a bit.

1. Try More Than One Sex Position During Your Session

All married couples have their old stand bys that they enjoy when it comes to sexual intimacy. Why not try another position before you end the way you like. By doing two or three different sex positions in the same session, you and your spouse are sure to feel more excited.

By going with more than one position, you both will need to do a lot of communicating. Also, it will get your blood flowing and keep you from getting too comfortable during your time together.

If you need some new positions to consider, you can check Christian Friendly Sex Positions.  They are a clean website that is void of porn or bad language.

2. Get In Front of the Mirror

Spend some time with your lover in front of the mirror. If you can have sex in front of a mirror, then go for it. However, if there isn’t a way for you to do that, then consider standing in front of the mirror together and looking at one another naked.

You can also use smaller hand held mirrors to help you see what’s going on if you are having a hard time seeing.

By looking at what is going on between you and your spouse in the mirror, you can build up great sexual memories. Later on, you can recall back to the way things looked in your mind.

These are two quick tips on how you can spice things up in your bedroom tonight.

What if My Kids Can Hear Me Having Sex? Help!

I know that a lot of couples worry about being too loud while having sex. It can be a pretty embarrasing thought that someone might be able to hear you. It can be even more embarrassing to think that your children might hear you.

Will My Kids Hear Me?

There is no real way of knowing whether or not your kids will hear you having sex unless they say something to you. If they are really young, they may ask you about it because of concern. If they are old enough to know what sex is, I’m willing to bet they will not come to you and say anything.

When I was growing up, I had a bedroom that was right next to my parent’s room. I know that they enjoyed a very active love life, but I never heard them when I was a child living next to them.

Even though I’m a very light sleeper and have deal with insomnia my entire life, I never remember hearing them. In the first few hours of the night is when you get some of your deepest sleep. Should you have kids that tend to wake up, you will likely get a couple of hours while they are sleeping.

Will it Damage My Children To Hear Me Have Sex?

When I was a teenager, I knew that my parents were having fun with one another. I think there might have been one or two times when I heard them, but it didn’t bother me at all. In fact, it was normal, because they are married, and married people are the ones that should be having sex.

They were outspoken with me that they enjoyed their time together and that it was something I could look forward to when I was married. Their openness with me about sex has really helped me in my married life.

Ways to Deal With Being Self-Conscious About The Noise

Even though it will not hurt your children to hear you, I can totally understand why it would be awkward. I’m privileged to have a bedroom that is on the other side of the house from my kids, so I don’t normally worry about it. If that is not your situation, you can always try some of these ideas:

Go Into a Bathroom or Closet


If you have an inner closet or bathroom, consider taking your lovemaking session into one of those rooms. Of course you will have to get creative with a standing position, oral sex, or sitting in a chair. This can put another sound buffer between you and your kids.

Play Music or Turn On the Television

You can distort some sounds in your room by turning on music or the television if you have one in your room. The noise that comes from your room will sound more jumbled when you cut on those other things. These alternatives might wake your kids up, but if they aren’t sleeping, it can help.

Make Sure The Kids Are Asleep

Take a look in on your kids and make sure they are asleep. If you have teenagers or older kids, see if their light is still on. You might be able to feel better if your kids are asleep. This might help you feel more confident that they will not hear you.

Sleepover Time!

Send your kids to someone else’s house, whether it is for a sleepover or just a few hours. This way, you can go back to your house and enjoy some loud time together. Everyone needs time to be able to let loose while making love from time to time.

These are some of the ways that you can work on feeling less self-conscious when it comes to making love.

What tips do you have on this? Leave me a not in the comments and let me know.

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Stop Using What Porn Depicts as a Reason to Not Try New Things in Bed

I get it- I do. The thought of porn absolutely sickens me. No longer is this a habit that was once something you had to go out of your way for, now it’s in your face whether you like it or not.

I believe that porn is destroying marriages, romantic relationships, and hurts those that use it. I HATE porn!

That being said, I think that it is really important that we stop using the rise of porn as a reason to not be adventurous in bed. There are many women and men out there that are so scared to try anything new, because they are worried it will resemble porn.

Of course, there are plenty of things depicted that you should stay away from, but does that mean you can’t do anything that is done on screen?

God Created Sex For Us to Enjoy It

Let’s get one thing straight here, God creates sex. He created it for us as married people, to connect and unite with one another. It is a symbol of us becoming one person, by joining together in physically.

Satan Always Corrupts What God Intended For Good

Sex is a good thing that was given to us by a loving God. The problem is, Satan has worked to corrupt this gift, just like he has done with other things that God gave us.

Porn is a corruption of the pure and holy thing the we were given. Does that make every foreplay move and sexual act in porn bad? NO!

Porn Tells You Sex is All About You


Here’s the thing about porn- it is all selfish. When you watch it, you are being selfish. You are saying that the purpose of sex is all about you and your gratification.

The other thing about porn is that it depicts selfishness as well. One actor (usually the man) is doing everything he can for his own pleasure- nevermind his partner.

Physical union isn’t supposed to be selfish. If the entire reason you are having sex is to focus on your pleasure alone- then you are missing out on the gift God gave us.

You Can Have an Adventurous Sex Life With Your Spouse

Don’t let what porn has done to sex distort the freedom you have with your lover. Just because a sexual act or foreplay idea is seen on the screen, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it with your spouse. You aren’t corrupting your marriage bed, because you and your spouse did something that actors took part in.

If that is the case, then we have to stop having sex altogether, because other people have corrupted it. In fact, if we keep following that same logic, then we have to abandon all things that are good and holy because of what society has done to it.

Worship God Through Your Love Life

When you are thinking about trying new things in the bedroom with your spouse, ask yourself if what you are doing is honoring to God. It isn’t honoring to Him to mistreat your spouse or be mistreated by them. If they want to do something that degrades or abuses- then say no.

Also, it isn’t honoring to God for either you or your spouse to make sex all about yourself. That is not to say that you can’t have times when you accept pleasure without giving it, but your whole love life can’t be one sided. Both people should be giving and receiving during your times together.

Don’t let what this world has done to the good things God gave us, keep you from being adventurous. Explore your spouse and enjoy them in bed. Honor God through your love making.

Just so you know- these are my thoughts on porn.

Not Everyone is Doing it- Stop Believing the Lies That Porn is Healthy



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What to Do When Sex Feels Like a Chore

There are a lot of married people that feel that sex is an obligation. They want to please their spouse, but it feels like more of a chore to mark off their to-do list than it a way to connect on a deeper level with their spouse.

What gets someone to the point that they feel like sex is an obligation rather than a privilege?

These are a few possibilities that make someone resort to duty sex-

Poor understanding of sexual intimacy-

Many people do not have a good understanding of the need for sexual intimacy in marriage. This goes for both people in the marriage, both the high drive and low drive spouse.

You are not orgasming- 

If you are not orgasming, then you are going to be less motivated to have time together. It is really important that you experience physical pleasure during sex.

Way too busy and stressed-

Having a full schedule causes you to be overly tired and stressed out. This makes it hard to get excited about being intimate with your spouse. 

Porn addiction-

If you are addicted to porn, it can make your desire for physical intimacy go way down on the list. There is a lot of guilt associated with porn use, and it re-wires your brain to think differently about sex.

You think your spouse is being selfish-

Whether your spouse is trying to or not, if you feel that they are being selfish in some area, whether it is in regards to sex or not, you will struggle to throw yourself into passion.

Past sexual abuse-

Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse can wreck your view of physical pleasure. Since the abuser has taken from you something that you didn’t want to give, you can feel that way with your lover, also.

Promiscuous past-

If you have a promiscuous past, it can cause you to feel guilty which leads to avoiding this time with your lover.

A Steady Diet of Duty Sex is Damaging to Your Marriage

It is one thing to be physical with your life long partner on occasion. It is another thing for you to have a steady diet of duty. When you see all of your physical interactions as something you have to do, it will build resentment in you.

The Bible does tell us that we are not to deprive our husband or wife of sex. I think that you do have to fake it till you make it sometimes when it comes to intimacy. However, duty should be a bandaid, not a long term solution in your love life.

What To Do When Sex Feels Like a Chore

What to do when you are in the habit of having duty sex

The first thing you need to do is figure out why it feels like a chore for you. I know that there was a period of time when it felt like a chore for me.

A lot of it had to do with the fact that I had two young kids that were getting up during the night. I felt like I was racing the clock every night to get to sleep for a few hours before they got up. Due to some lack of communication and understanding on both my husband’s and my part, I put physical intimacy on my chore list.

In order for me to take it off my to-do list and put it on my desire list, I had to-

Change Attitude

Instead of seeing it as something that I had to do for my husband, I saw it as a gift from God for my marriage. I reminded myself that I had chosen abstinence while I was single in order to give myself fully to my husband. I was squandering our time for love making and that needed to change.

Work Through Past Issues

I had some past issues that I needed to work through that was hindering my love life. After a lot of conversations and intentionality on both of our parts, I was able to get through some hurts I had experienced in the past. Being free from those hurts allowed me to throw myself into passion with my husband.

Schedule Sex

Schedule sex

I know this sounds a bit counter-productive when you are trying to take it off of your to-do list, but scheduling it ahead of time really helps. It allows both of you to feel anticipation and excitement, as well as structure your day in such a way that it can happen when you are both ready.

Don’t schedule it for a week out, rather, get up in the morning and decide that it will happen that night. Of course, sometimes things come up that can’t be helped, but as soon as you can make good on the promises, you need to.

Reduce Stress and Busyness

Both you and your spouse need to come up with a strategy to reduce the stress and busyness in your life. I know it can seem as though there is no wiggle room in your schedule, but I promise that you can reduce it if you put your mind to it.

It might require you giving up television shows, social media time, letting housework suffer, backing out of commitments, saying no to new commitments, and so on. Your love life needs to be as much of a priority as earning an income, educating your children, paying bills, and so on.

Initiate Love Making

Lets have sex tonight

I had a really hard time with initiating for the first few years of our marriage. My husband would almost never approach me when I was already in the mood. I decided that in order to get it off of my to-do list, that I needed to get more comfortable initiating.

It really helped me to feel more excited about our time together, because when I was more in control of when it happened, it helped me out. I was able to get myself in the mood, and it helped him feel more loved.

When it comes to having love making on your to-do list, I hope you will find ways to put it on your need list. Stop short changing yourself and your spouse. Embrace the gift God gave you and find ways to be more excited about it!

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What to Do If You Can’t Find Lingerie That You Like?

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I was recently asked if I have any tips in regards to wear to get lingerie or something sexy to wear in the bedroom. This is an area where I don’t know if I have anything revolutionary to say, because I have a hard time finding lingerie to fit me.

Sexy Outfits Can Be a Good Alternative to Lingerie

However, what I try to focus on the most when it comes to this area, is to create sexy outfits. I’ve had a lot of hit and miss luck when it comes to finding lingerie that fits me and feels comfortable.

For the most part, I get creative with I own or can find at the thrift store since that is where I do most of my shopping. In general, I put together outfits that I wouldn’t ever wear out of the house. I’m a pretty modest person in general, so it doesn’t take much for me to come up with something that my husband is going to see as out of the ordinary.

If you are having a hard time getting things that make you feel like you look good or fit you properly, I suggest you do the same. Both husbands and wives can apply this principal so that it they can look great for their spouse.


Sexy Dresses

I saw some really cute dresses on Amazon that you can check out. These dresses looked nice.

Wear Just Accessories

Another thing you can do is to just wear accessories. Put on-

Then, don’t wear anything else at all. That is something both you and your husband can do. Get as creative as you like with your accessories.

Not sure that you feel comfortable with your body enough to wear lingerie? We all have body image issues. That is why I am choosing to celebrate my stomach this year. I hope it will encourage you to celebrate your body.



How Shame Keeps You From Enjoying Sex

Recently, I talked about how shame can keep you from enjoying sex on Periscope. I had many people tell me that it really resonated with them. That lets me know that a lot of people are being held back from enjoying their sex life.

When you feel shame for whatever reason, it keeps you from allowing yourself to let go during your physical intimacy.

Today, I want to talk with you about the different reasons you may be feeling shame. It can be very hard to deal with your past and your feelings, but I encourage you to step out and do that.

If you and your spouse have a hard time handling your opposite drives, here is an article that will help you out.

how a couple can handle their opposite drives


Questions About Sex- What’s Ok or Not Ok

The other day on Periscope, I tackled a series of questions about sex and what’s ok or not ok in the bedroom. I know that a lot of people are asking what’s ok to do and what isn’t for Christians.

There are a few things that I will take a hard stance on, but many foreplay moves, I think you and your spouse have to figure that out.

Here are the questions I answered.

Is Porn Ok To Watch?

This is one of those things that I take a hard and fast stance on as being wrong. The Bible tells us in Matthew 5:28- But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

I don’t think you can look at porn without lusting after the people you are watching. Also, I believe that bringing porn into the bedroom is allowing a third party in your sex life, which is wrong.

Check out what Jay Dee at Sex Within Marriage has to say about the harmful effects of porn in marriage.

Are Threesomes Ok?


Again, this is a big no according to the scriptures. Allowing another person into your room is against God’s design for sex.

Should I Give a Rim Job or Receive One?

If you aren’t familiar with what a rim job is, it is when you stimulate the area around your partner’s butt hole. I do not personally see anywhere in the scripture that prohibits this, but I would highly caution against it for health concerns. This is an area of the body that is full of bad bacteria, and neither one of you want to get sick from your sex life.

Is Anal Sex Ok?

Some people have a problem with anal sex, because of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible. If you have a moral apprehension to this on account of that, then I would say it isn’t right for you. I don’t personally hold the belief that this is wrong according to the Bible.

You do need to think about how you will clean yourself up after this sex act. Also, you will need to determine if it will damage your anus. Those that have hemorrhoid flare ups may cause a problem by having anal sex.

If you want to do this, then you should be cautious to not hurt your spouse and to clean up well. If you plan to have vaginal sex afterwards, you need to make sure that everyone is very clean so you don’t spread bacteria.

Should You Swallow Your Husband’s Semen?


There is nothing wrong scripturally with this. I’ve done some research, and I can’t find any health reason why this would be harmful to you. If your husband really wants you to try and you don’t have a problem with it, then you could give it a go.

Are Sex Toys Ok In The Bedroom?

Some people are morally opposed to sex toys of any kind. I think that there are some realistic toys out there that you should stay away from. I think there are other sex toys out there that are able to help a couple orgasm or feel more excited.

Depending on the toy, it might help a man get and keep an erection. Others can help a woman reach orgasm if she is having a hard time other ways.

If you do decide to introduce toys into your time together, you should make clear boundaries that the toys should only be used together. Also, you should not replace PIV sex with toys. If you are finding that your spouse prefers the toy over having sex with you, then it is time to get rid of them.

Toys are not a good choice for every couple, but some find it to really enhance their time together.

Is Masturbation in Marriage Ok?

I don’t think there is anything wrong with masturbating as long as your spouse is with you or has a knowledge of what you are doing. Let me clarify myself here. I do not think that masturbation should ever take place of sex on a regular basis or become the preferred method of orgasm. However, I think that it can be used to enhance your time together.

If you do chose to masturbate apart from each other, it should only be on account of separation. This is not a good option for everyone, but if you and your spouse are ok with it, then you need to set up good boundaries.

The most important thing to remember here is that nothing should be done in secret. If you are doing things in secret, then you are putting yourself in a bad position in your marriage.

Should You Give One Another Oral Sex?

I wholeheartedly suggest that couples consider giving one another oral sex on occasion. Unless there is baggage from sexual abuse or some other big hangup, then you should at least consider it with each other. It is a very intimate act that you can engage in with one another.

Check out the tips I have on how to get more comfortable with giving and receiving oral sex.


When it comes to trying out new things in the bedroom, you and your spouse need to come to an agreement about it. Neither spouse should force the other one to do something that they are not ok with. You have the right to say no.

However, if you are saying no and it is not for moral reasons, you owe it to yourself to try it once. You might find that you actually like it!

These are just some of the things that I have been asked about sex and I wanted to answer them. If you don’t agree with me, I totally get that! This is such a sensitive subject and I hope you’ll do what you believe the Lord is asking of you. 

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What a Couple Can Do to Feel Sexy Together

Yay for the weekend! If you weekends mean anything to you. I know that since I work from home, it can make weekends not quite as exciting as they used to be.

Either way, Austin and I try to spend extra time on one another since work schedules are often lighter.

This week on Persicope, I’ve been on a body image kick. I was asked to talk more about feeling insecure about the way you look and how to feel better about your body.

I think that it is so important that as a couple, you work to help the other person feel sexy. We all want to be sexy for our spouse.

I put together some ideas that will help you to feel sexy with your spouse. What better way to grow in confidence about your looks than to engage in intimacy with the one that loves you the most?

What a Couple Can Do To Feel Sexy Together


Ways You Can Get in the Mood for Sex in a Hurry

I’m not saying that love making should be rushed through or hurried along all of the time. I know that sometimes, you do want to get in the mood quickly, because time is limited.

The tips I have are geared towards women more than men. I’m not saying that men don’t have a hard time getting in the mood, I just can’t personally speak to what will help them. I’m pretty sure that having a sexually excited wife will go a long way.

These are my top ideas for women who want to get in the mood quickly.

Pick a sex fragrance


Have you caught a whiff of something that whisked you away to another place and time? Certain smells can bring up memories.

Select a fragrance that you only wear during sex and put it on every time. If you don’t want to wear a particular scent, then burn a candle. Over time, your mind will associate that scent with love making.

Of course, that is not an immediate solution until you build up the habit, but some scents are natural aphrodisiacs, like jasmine and vanilla.

Play a Sexy Bedroom Game

You can really get in the mood with a sexy bedroom game. Just take a few minutes to read over the foreplay moves and you are sure to feel excited. I have a few games that you can have for free when you sign up for the newsletter I send out through my sister site at Love Hope Adventure.

Free access to my couples bedroom games

Put on something sexy

Whether you put on lingerie or wear a sexy outfit, put on something that tells your brain it is time to have sex. You can get yourself in the right frame of mind by dressing in a way that makes you feel good about yourself.

Play the right music


Similar to what you would do with a fragrance, you can associate sexual arousal with music. Pick something that isn’t distracting to play while you have sex. When you hear it in the future, it will help your mind shift.

Some music is already designed to help you feel sexy and aroused. Instrumental jazz music with heavy saxophone is my favorite. Do what works for you.

Stand in front of the mirror naked with your spouse. Take time to look at yourself and your spouse standing in front of the mirror without your clothes on. Both men and women are visually stimulated. Drink in the way you both look together and you will feel aroused.

It is also helpful to look at each other while you are making love. Get in front of a mirror so you have something to visualize.

Spend a few minutes on foreplay

You don’t have to take hours on foreplay, but spend a few minutes on it. Do the things that you enjoy, whether it is kissing, hugging, or caressing each other in a tender way. Take a couple of minutes to indulge each other.

I talked about this on Periscope the other day. If you want to find out what else I had to say, you can take a look at the replay on Katch.