Let Your Spouse See You Fully Naked

Every single time I suggest that you guys let your spouse get a good close look at you naked- I get a lot of pushback.

I’ve heard everything from-

My spouse doesn’t want to see me naked.

They don’t think I’m attractive.

I’ve changed down there since my birth.

I don’t think I could ever do that.

…and son on.

It’s time to stop it. I understand you have fears…but let’s band together and commit to working through those issues, instead of letting them rob you any longer.

Here me when I say this, sweet reader- that you are a beautiful and wonderful creation of God. He didn’t create us to be ashamed of our bodies. We became that way because of sin. In marriage- though, being naked and unashamed is restored. While we no longer have that innocence with the rest of the world, we do have that perfection with our spouse.

So- how do we start feeling more comfortable letting our spouse see us? Here’s a few things can try-

Look At Your Body Everyday

If you want to get comfortable with your spouse looking at your body, you need to be willing to look at it yourself. The more you expose yourself to the way you look, the more natural it will seem. Take time to look at your body fully in the mirror every day.

Limit Your Influences

Stop looking at everyone else’s bodies, or what your body used to look like. Comparisons will kill your self-esteem. You’ll never feel like you measure up to what you think you’re supposed to be like.

Don’t look at porn. Don’t look at airbrushed models. Stop looking at beauty magazines or fitness accounts on Instagram. Don’t even look at old pictures of yourself and long for the body of old. Limit what you see.

Spend Time Without Clothes On

Consider going to bed naked, or walking around without a robe on while getting ready in the morning. If you are always covered up, being naked won’t feel as comfortable to you. The more you are around your spouse without clothing, the more comfortable you will feel with them looking at you.

I actually suggest that you go to bed naked if you can. It makes it easier to have sex when you show up without clothing on.

Accept Compliments

If your spouse tells you they love your body- believe them. Many times, I hear one spouse compliment another, and they shoo away the comment. Actually, I hear people do that to those that aren’t their spouse either.

The right response to someone telling you that they like something about you is, “Thank you”. Learn to accept compliments from your spouse and others. Just believe them!

Ease Into It

Don’t think you have to go from turtle necks to butt naked over night. It is going to take time to let your spouse have unlimited access to viewing you fully. You might start with showing just a little bit more over a few weeks. Anytime you are trying something new, it will take a while.

These are a few of the ways you can feel more comfortable being naked in front of your spouse.

8 Comments on Let Your Spouse See You Fully Naked

  1. Great post ~ like they say .. ya gotta rock what ya got .. some times it’s just not that easy

  2. Great practice, get naked as much as you can….
    Juan Pedro recently posted…L-Teanina y Cafeína: Nootrópico Natural que FuncionaMy Profile

  3. what if you’ve gotten way overweight? Older, with once-perky breasts now having gone south? What if the weight you’ve managed away now sags and it looks as if your stomach is a second booty? What if…?

  4. Keelie Reason | August 9, 2017 at 2:35 pm | Reply

    That’s totally understandable to feel like you are no longer sexy. I just wrote about this today. I have not been feeling sexy lately, and this is what I’m doing about it- you can check out my post here http://www.iamthesextalklady.com/love/dont-feel-sexy-anymore-im-change/.

    I realize that in my story, I talk about how losing a crap ton of weight has been hard for me. However, I put on a lot of weight after having my kids. My boobs definitely sag, and I won’t even mention the tiger stripes on my stomach or the severe amount of extra skin.

    All of us have major body changes over the years. I’m on like my 3 major change, and it won’t be my last. But, I’m doing what I talked about in that article and I hope you will too!

  5. Kellie, thanks for your reply. I totally absolutely understand the premise behind getting totally naked at home. However, I am thinking if I were a man and see his wife walking around in her birthday suit with excess fat and skin hanging down and swaying all over her body that THAT would N.O.T. be an arousal experience for the man. Again, I totally get your point but I just cannot imagine a man becoming turned on by such a sight of his woman. Any additional deepest insights about a man’s sexual thought-patterns that might help me? Thanks. BTW, Learned about you from POP podcast!

    • Keelie Reason | August 9, 2017 at 8:37 pm | Reply

      Awesome to hear that you heard me on the Power of Purity Podcast. 🙂 Tony is a great host.

      Yeah, I can totally understand where you are coming from.

      Here’s what Jay Dee from Uncovering Intimacy says- research shows the opposite the more willing you are to be sexy the more sexy you’ll appear to your mate. We will subjectively change our opinions about how you look based on how satisfied we are with our relationship.
      We will automatically think that our spouse looks sexier than they actually do and at the same time we will automatically think that other women look less sexy than they actually do if we’re happy with the physical component of our relationship, and we are ok with that.

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