5 Ways to Feel Sexier While Having Sex

I think we all crave feeling sexy while we make love to our spouse. Not everyone feels sexy, though. Here are 5 ways that you can boost the way you feel about yourself while being intimate with your spouse.

1. Tell Yourself You Are Sexy

Feeling sexy starts in your mind. If you don’t believe that you are hot, then you won’t act that way. Start telling yourself every day that you are attractive. Look at yourself in the mirror and say the words, “I look hot”. This is one time that faking it till you make it is a good idea.

2. Use Mirrors While Being Intimate

Use mirrors while having sex to feel hotter.

A few strategically placed mirrors can help you feel hotter while making love. Don’t be afraid to open your eyes and see what’s going on. Look at you and your spouse in the mirror while you are being intimate with one another. While you are having sex and watching what’s going on, tell yourself you both look hot.

3. Cut on Soft Lighting

Soft lighting can cast a beautiful glow on your skin. If you aren’t comfortable with the lights all the way up, this is a great alternative. You can light candles, plug in Christmas lights, or cut on a low lamp to get the right lighting.

4. Ask Your Spouse to Give You Oral Sex

Watching your spouse give you oral sex can be a huge turn on for you. It is an intimate act that will help you feel hot. Be sure to keep your eyes open while they lick and suck on you.

5. Use Sexy Language

I’ve talked before about developing a bedroom language with your spouse. These are specific words that you both agree upon using during your time of intimacy. On a practical level, these words help you tell your spouse what you need out of sex. Also, a bedroom language allows you to feel sexy.

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2 Comments on 5 Ways to Feel Sexier While Having Sex

  1. Interesting ideas!! Seems these ideas are more for the wife. I am all for doing your suggestions. My wife does some. No mirrors, but we use our own sexy language, lighting is low during sex, or takes place in the morning or afternoon, I watch as she does oral, she does not like oral from me. I do not know what she tells herself, but she sure enjoys our sexy time together, as do I.

    • Hmmm..You say you think these ideas are more for a wife. What would you say would help a man? I thought these ideas were pretty neutral. Let me know your thoughts. I’d love to get your perspective.

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