How to Get Your Sexy Back


I’ve received question after question from my readers asking how they can feel sexy again. This is definitely an issue for both men and women. Here are some things you can do to feel great about yourself again. Eliminate Porn, Sexy Pictures, and Sex Scenes The worst thing for your body image is to look at porn, sexy images, or sex scenes. Besides your body image, this plain isn’t good for your marriage. With the amount of camera angles and editing, it is almost impossible to ever look like those images. Stand In Front Of the Mirror Naked Re-train your…

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Flirting With Your Spouse


Do you and your spouse still flirt with each other? It seems to come so naturally when you are in your dating years, but can fade away the longer you are married. Why is flirting in marriage important? It’s like foreplay to foreplay. That flirtatious spirit will help you stay connected to your lover. Read what Austin says about it in this post on Flirting in Marriage  

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Orgasm Tips For Wives


*I use affiliate links This morning I was recording a podcast with my friend Belah Rose from the Delight Your Marriage Podcast. She brought me on to talk about tips to help women orgasm. I’ve got tips for wives and husbands to help their wives. Here’s what I shared with her- A woman has to get in the right angle for stimulation to her clitirous to feel good. This is why many women respond better to manual stimulation, oral, or sex toys. They are able to get in the right position. This is also why many women enjoy the woman…

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Ways to Have Hot Sex- For Those Days You Want to Savor It


*I use affiliate links Do you ever have those times where you crave hot sex? Maybe you feel super sexy and want to express that. It could be that you deeply desire to pro-long your lovemaking session to savor the moments with your spouse. There are many different flavors of sex, like funny, comfortable, or slow sex. Then there’s hot sex. It’s the passionate lovemaking that makes you go after pleasing your lover with everything you’ve got. It’s the kind that drives you wild when you think back about it. If you’re in the mood for hot sex, here’s a few…

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How to do a Strip Tease For Your Spouse


*I use affiliate links I think that a strip tease for your spouse can be a great way to lead into sex. It can be fun and exciting for both of you to undress in front of the other. The problem is, how do you strip for your husband or wife? I’ve got a few tips for you if you aren’t sure what to do. Just so you know, these tips will work for both a husband or wife. Yes, I’m suggesting that a husband strip for his wife. Whatever You Do- Do it In Confidence To be honest, stripping…

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Dirty Talk Worksheet


*I use affiliate links I’ll be honest, I hate referring to anything in marriage as dirty. I know that people are aware of what dirty talk is, which is why I titled this the way I did. However, Austin and I like to call it a bedroom language. We are big believers in developing a bedroom language that is a set of private words that are only exchanged between you and your spouse. Some of these words may be ones that are traditionally seen as cuss words or vulgar language. That is not to say that using these words has…

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What To Do When He Can’t: Erectile Dysfunction in Marriage


In the interest of full-disclosure (read: don’t hate me if I’m wrong) I have to say that I’ve not personally experienced this problem chronic erectile dysfunction. I’ve had one instance. So, admittedly I’m coming at this from a position of relative ignorance. However, being a man, and drawing from my limited experience I can try to imagine what goes through a guy’s head when this is happening. This is going to have info and suggestions for both husband and wife, so it might be worth sharing with your spouse. I offer my thoughts humbly and with an open mind for…

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10 Sexy Questions You Can Ask Your Spouse


*I use affiliate links Talking about sex can be a great way to get in the mood. If these type of conversations do not come naturally to you, ask them these sexy questions. 1. What is Your Idea of a Romantic Night? Everyone has a different idea of romantic means. Talk together to understand what makes the other person feel relaxed and romanced. 2. What do You Think When You See Me Naked? Your spouse wants to know what you think of their body. Let them know often how they turn you on. 3. Is There Something Specific That You…

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Why You Need a Period Sex Plan


*I use affiliate links Periods suck…period. There are many frustrating parts to this time of the month, especially when it comes to your sex life. If you and your spouse are regularly having sex, periods can put an abrupt stop to that. I know that period time can cause a lot of issues between a couple when their sexual needs are not being met. That is why putting together a period sex plan is so important. What if One Spouse Doesn’t Want To? I know plenty of couples that have decided together that period week is a time to abstain…

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Is it Wrong to Masturbate in Marriage?


*I use affiliate links The other day, Austin and I had a reader ask us if it is wrong to masturbate in marriage. They even asked if it would be considered to be cheating for them to do this. It was apparent that they needed to have sex more often than their spouse was willing. We decided to tackle this topic on Facebook Live. You can watch it, but this is basically what we said. Is Masturbating in Marriage Wrong? We started with clarifying what the Bible has to say about masturbating- and here’s the thing, it doesn’t address it….

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