Why You Need a Period Sex Plan


*I use affiliate links Periods suck…period. There are many frustrating parts to this time of the month, especially when it comes to your sex life. If you and your spouse are regularly having sex, periods can put an abrupt stop to that. I know that period time can cause a lot of issues between a couple when their sexual needs are not being met. That is why putting together a period sex plan is so important. What if One Spouse Doesn’t Want To? I know plenty of couples that have decided together that period week is a time to abstain…

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Is it Wrong to Masturbate in Marriage?


*I use affiliate links The other day, Austin and I had a reader ask us if it is wrong to masturbate in marriage. They even asked if it would be considered to be cheating for them to do this. It was apparent that they needed to have sex more often than their spouse was willing. We decided to tackle this topic on Facebook Live. You can watch it, but this is basically what we said. Is Masturbating in Marriage Wrong? We started with clarifying what the Bible has to say about masturbating- and here’s the thing, it doesn’t address it….

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You Need a Sex Date


I’m a huge advocate of dating in your marriage. Dating is a time where you and your spouse can come together to focus on one another. Of course, you have to make the commitment that you are going to put away your phones and spend the time talking about things other than your responsibilities. There are many types of dates you can incorporate into your marriage. I think that sex dates is definitely one of those. What is a Sex Date? Basically, a sex date is a time when you and your spouse are going to spend the time having…

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How to Get Over The Gross Factor of Oral Sex


*I use affiliate links Some people really struggle with oral sex, because they think some or all of it is a little bit gross. I can totally empathize with that. It takes a lot to get comfortable with someone putting their face down there. If you or your spouse feel grossed out about giving and/or receiving oral sex, here are some things you can do. Wash all over down there Take the time to wash up with water and soap if need be. You can take time in the shower together or use a wet cloth to clean yourself. Once…

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3 Things That Will Kill Your Libido and How to Get in the Mood

3 Things that can kill your libido and how to get in the mood

*I use affiliate links The other day, I realized that I hadn’t really been in the mood lately. I’ll be honest, it took me by surprise a bit, since I write about sex so often. Regardless, I had disconnected from those desires for a few weeks. I started thinking about the things that can kill your libido and what to do about it when you get to the point. Here are a few things that can cause you to have less of a desire. 1. Sick or Tired Your physical state is going to have a lot to do with…

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I need your opinion- What words should you use in the bedroom?

What words should you use in the bedroom

*I use affiliate links Austin and I are working on a new bedroom game that we will release in the coming weeks. It is called Lover May I. The point of this game is to get a couple to ask the other person for specific sexual acts. The problem I’m running into with creating this game is what language to use. I want it to be sexy and sensual, so using clinical terms for erogenous zones seems to kill the mood for me. Since everyone has a different idea of what kind of language to use, I am feeling a…

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How Often Should You Have Sex With Your Spouse?

How Often Should You Have Sex With Your Spouse

Whenever I get the question, “How often should I have sex with my spouse?” it is usually coming from a person that isn’t happy in their sex life. Either they are a lower drive spouse and feel that they are being expected to have sex too much. Or they are a higher drive spouse and wish that they were having sex more often. I’ve never had anyone ask this that had a satisfied sex life. Sex Is More Than Just Physical Pleasure One thing that I want to point out, is that sex is more than just something you do…

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How many times will you have sex with your spouse?

so what if one time isnt great

Life is frequently a numbers game. You have 742 Facebook friends, 39 IRL acquaintances, and 3 really good friends. You advertise your product to a million people, 25% pay attention, 5% try it, and you gain 100 new actual customers. You have 5 kids, and actually like 1 of them. KIDDING! Believe it or not, this can be true in your sex life as well. How so? Head over to our article at Love Hope Adventure to find out. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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Ways You Can Invest in Your Sex Life

Ways You can Invest in Your sex life

*I use affiliate links There’s no doubt that at some time or another you have invested in you marriage, but what about your sex life? I feel like a lot of people are hesitant to plan ahead or think too hard about sex. Isn’t intimacy just supposed to happen? NO! Maybe- just maybe- during your honeymoon period, sexual intimacy came naturally- maybe. Not everyone even gets that in their marriage. If you want to have a good sex life, you must do things to invest in it. I’ve got a few suggestions for you. Put Sex on The Calendar Every…

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The Importance of Talking After Sex

The Importance of Talking After Sex

This week, Keelie did a scope about talking after sex. We’ve written before about talking during sex, but what about afterwards? Are you a snuggler? A sleeper? Do you just get up right away? Do you ever talk? Never Assume Communication is just as important in your sex life as it is in any other area of your marriage. One area that can get couples into trouble is assuming that things are ok. It’s easy to think that if you’re satisfied your spouse must be satisfied as well. It may not occur to you that even though you had an…

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